Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On Radio Today Across Country and Preview Pics of Boutique

If you live far away, we can ship them, you can purchase on our website, let me know what you are interested in.....

These Pics are a small sampling our pieces for the day... Forward this to your friends, bring some friends, shop and and it ALL goes to ministry. Special orders, can be made from our catalogues as well. Slipcovered Sofa's, Vintage Serving Pieces, Candles, Sachets, Books and Teacup sets, Beautiful Linens, Vintage and New....

Antique Chairs (Picked up by Han & I in French Markets)

Beautiful French Antique Pickle Jars, We selected in Paris

Handselected by Dannah Gresh (Whose hubbie wanted Inspired to sell, as they believe in our vision so much) Thanks Dannah and Bob!

I get this pottery (luscious white and handmade) from Mexico (shipped) and it is my favorite of all. You can select pieces and take, or order a whole set. Ministry gets money, is there anything better? Shopping and Money goes to God's work? I can't think of anything better!

This beautiful French Antique is the sale item of the day. I am parting with it, because my beloved Inspired Design will benefit so much from the income that will generate. It is the pricey piece of the day. It is $3200. and can be delivered wherever you live.

On Radio Today on Salem's Christian Radio

Here is some preview pics of items for
May 4 Boutique to raise money Inspired Design
Roxanne & Hannah's Home*

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