Thursday, April 21, 2011

He who is without sin....Eastertime

Happy Easter, Thank God for his risen son, and Forgiveness...

I just had a conversation about forgiveness...a long one with a fairly distraught woman, hours and hours.
It all comes down can we NOT forgive, if we call ourselves Christians when God gave his only son to die on the cross for our sins?
Life can be so hard. Situations can be brutal. People can be mean. Sickness can be debilitating. Death is devestating, living without those we love here on earth.
How can we, so imperfect, not forgive? When we have been forgiven?

What if someone doesn't say they are sorry? What if they aren't sorry? What if they don't know their cruelty has affected your heart? ...the heart of your children? the heart of your husband or wife? What if they are continuously cruel, thoughtless, unkind?
What if they leave you out of everything?
What if they continue to be ugly....
What if they even call themself a Christian?

We are still told to forgive.
Forgive and Forget? No, that isn't biblical...according to our Pastor sometimes it is daily, sometimes hourly....but it is a verb, and an action, and our calling as Christian.

On this Easter I hope for you that your heart is full of forgiveness and peace! I hope if you need forgiveness you ask, those you may have hurt. I know you will receive it from Christ if you ask.

As you sit in church on Sunday, may God bless you beloved!
May the feeling of gratitude for a God that would sacrifice HIS son for you fill you with joy.
May you feel the joy of being forgiven and forgiving others.
Happy Easter

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