Saturday, December 4, 2010

Celebrating: Family Design!

Wow, I am still on an emotional high from the amazing night, at Bausman (Recently featured on Housewives of Beverly Hills-ugh), in Los Angeles, a spectacular bench-made(made by one craftsman from start to finish, no factory lines) furniture company, made locally in Ontario! The people there (Wendy Kneedler & Derik Schmidt, photographed) are the most amazing showroom people! Bausman is the ultimate in fine product & customer service, but I digress.....(shockingly)! Danny had some pieces he had just made. I think what makes him so incredible is his humility, just like my Grandpa Allan. Oh, Grandpa how we all miss you. You were so loved.

Having my stunningly talented mom Linda, who did PR & Marketing for Allan Adler/Sunset Strip Shop in it's heydey, my daughter, Hannah, my cousin Danny and his lovely wife Diana there was the most amazing part of the evening. Danny, trained by my Grandpa Allan, and having recently purchased the family business, and his adorably kind wife Diana now handling the PR & marketing of Allan Adler Design. We had fun with the crowns my Grandpa Crafted for the very 1st Miss. America and Miss. Universe, in 1953. Some of the pieces photographed on this spectacular Bausman table will be featured at LACMA, for the California Craftsman exhibit!

Not only was our design-obsessed family in our element, but we were surrounded by other designers, writers and experts who appreciate the captivating spiritual aspect of beautiful design. The editor and publisher of CALIFORNIA HOMES magazine (who have published stories on our family design, both of my Grandpa Allan, and a home my sister, mom and I designed for my parents in Mammoth) were there and such a lovely mother-daughter team, family design-yea! They are working on some amazing things for the upcoming year, including a special tribute to craftsman from California. A wonderfully passionate man from the beautiful showroom Kneedler-Faucher, Rocky!, speaking of the trend towards handmade, artisan crafted furniture and accessories as our country moves towards embracing family, friends and gathering at home, after a horrific economy begins to recover.

Although we don't have a perfect family-does anyone? We love to celebrate what God has given to us, our gifts. What a blessing my daughter was there to sing books, meet amazing design people and just...celebrate: design, friends & life!

Favorite Quote: After moving west to California in 1923, Great-Grandpa Blanchard was instrumental in founding the Arts and Crafts Society of Southern California. Porter’s philosophy was simple. He defined craft as “that thing in industry which is good and beautiful and worth doing for its own sake as well as the money made from it.” He said that a craftsman was “a man who has been trained in the practice of some craft with a ‘home influence’ of love, honor, and respect.” His favorite expression, “With my hands alone,” showed the pride he took in his work.

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deric said...

It was a wonderful evening and we are definitely feeling inspired and blessed having had the joy of being with you and your terrific family. I think the photos convey fun was had by all. I look forward to working with you and Danny Parsel creating more great events so the public gets to know about you both. People have been streaming into the showroom today and all have been very impressed with the Allan Adler Inc. silver collection. May 2011 be full of many great successes that benefit humanity in numerous ways.

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