Sunday, December 5, 2010

Boutique: Dec 7th 11am-3pm, or by apt.

I'm so tired from putting all the almost-finishing touches on our Christmas Boutique that this is going to be short. Judy just went home, exhausted, because we have been putting all kinds of love, and attention, on the items that will be for sale on Tuesday.

All proceeds go to Inspired Design, so prices are not negotiable, but they are so inexpensive, I can't imagine you'd even ask :)! (except for the large furniture) Please bring exact change for cash, or check, but no credit cards!The items include new & old, antique goods. The new items consist of candles($10-$20), soaps, fragrant potpourri($12-$18), tiles with quotes and scripture on them ($20), "Chicken Marbella" Silver Palette Cookbook, with ingredients, and white french ceramic baking dish....
lamps $20, beautiful twin headboard and footboard $200, lampshades all $40, which is less than the labor we PAY for....

Antique items include many pieces from my buying trip from france! From antique pickle jars small ($75), large ($100), pharmacy jars $175 for pair, pair of antique, french, white chairs: with Lee Jofa Fabric ($1200 pair/a steel), chairs $200-$500), end tables $200-$1200! Federalist style mirror which was $3 or $4,000ish new, for $600, iron chandalier $400 and so much more.

A "garage sale" room with mostly $20 items! Including a treadmill and homeschool books, and lots of Christmas ornaments, decorations from when my home was on the Camarillo Home Tour and I overbought Christmas decor.

Beautiful NEW, and sample, table linens all sets $40! Some 16 piece sets....
Tableware sets for amazing prices.....

Scones, tea and Christmas music, roaring fireplace & Friends! (In my family room, away from the sale)

We know it will be really busy as our responses have been wonderful! If you are looking for something particular, let me know :) via email!

Looking so forward to seeing you!
Roxanne and Judy!

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