Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Inspired 31 with Chelsea Cameron

What a blessing the October 17th gathering of Inspired 31 was! Chelsea Cameron gave a truly inspiring message of having established convictions before the compromising situations arrive! She compared our old nature and new nature in Christ and the hope and forgiveness offered by a relationship with our heavenly Father.

The highlight for our table was the table discussion where the concept of "convictions" were challenged to us to take one conviction we particularly needed to work on! It was inspiring and touching hearing our ladies honestly share our heartfelt desire to work on a specific area. Some were self-control, speech and forgiveness.

The Mission of Inspired 31: To facilitate teenage girls & mothers & others to find & follow their God given path. Each of us has unique gifts were meant to use for God's glory! Without the convictions to take us through challenges and temptations we would not be able to reach that goal. What a blessing Chelsea was for hearing God's call on her life, and answering it by speaking to us! What a true honoring of her God-given gifts. Thank you Chelsea!

There will be a bible study follow-up on Convictions at Melissa & MacKenzie Kytlica's home, however the date has been changed. We will send an email to all who signed up and if you are interested please let us know!

Thank you to Macy Ens! Her cupcakes were as beautiful as they were delicious. More important than either their beauty or their taste was the fact that Macy is using her God-given gifts to honor God and donate to something that is (trying :) to be glorifying to God: Inspired 31. Way to go darling, Macy! You are inspiring to me!!!

Welcome also to Marta & Tabitha, our beautiful new mother-daughter steering members who boldly shared their testimony's on honoring God in different places: from movie sets to Hume Lake and at school. Thank you Tabitha, you were so poised and unruffled when the microphone was acting up! A real delight to see you keep your wits about you & show such grace!

We'd love to have you participate if you feel so led! We'd also love for you to sit back and just enjoy! Whichever you do...may you be richly blessed!

Please sign up for the blog, so you can receive the recap and pictures from the events automatically, as I won't be doing the follow up emails after this one...just the blog...now that things are running smoothly!

We'd love to have guest bloggers & comment! If you were inspired, convicted or touched my something please email me or reply to this, as we'd love to share your thoughts with everyone if you are so inclined!

God bless you richly,

Psalm 19:14

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