Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a wonderful day, the launch of Inspired 31 was! Here are some of the Mother-daughter, & Other Combinations of us! I have heard wonderful feedback from so many & feel like this is an idea whose time has come! A few exciting details to wrap our first meeting:

First: The lovely Mother-in-Law of Wendy & Melanie White, Leila White, won the Yamaguchi Gift, for her INSPIRED DESIGN book purchase! Billy Yamaguchi generously is going to give her a cut, and the salon a manicure and pedicure! Thank you, Sweet Leila, for coming and sharing in the fun & blessings of Inspired 31, and being a great mom and mother in law. How fun that there was 3 generations of "White"s at our Launch! Grandma, daughter, daughters in law, and granddaughter! Thanks for your generosity Leila, it is what will keep Inspired 31 going!

Secondly: As we had prayed, a darling "baker" is making 96 cupcakes for our next gathering. Macy Ens has a beautiful talent for baking! (I've seen the pictures, just wait girls, you are in for a treat!) I'm thrilled that Macy wants to be involved, and use her talents to bless you all!

Lastly: I've spoken with the speakers for upcoming events this last week, and they are all so excited to come and share with us! The "convictions" talk by Chelsea Cameron on October 17, our next meeting is certain to be convicting! Our cake lady send pics of her cakes, and I cannot wait!

Our Website is under contruction & We'd love to have you help if you desire to do so! If not, sit back: Enjoy & Be Blessed!

Roxanne (Mrs. P) and Hannah

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