Friday, September 3, 2010

Inspired 31 Casual Afternoon Tea & Scones

Please join us for a Casual Afternoon Tea and savor the best chocolate chip scones ever made! Please bring a teacup if you have one.Mothers and Teenage Daughters (ages 13-19) are invited to attend the launch of Inspired31. This is a free event although donations are gratefully and cheerfully accepted.

For more information and to "officially" register for this event click on the following link:

I am organizing registration for this group/event through , a free homeschool website. My girlfriend Tamma & Diane created this amazing website for homeschoolers (& others) to inform and organize the enrollment of classes, field trips, events and tutors. You'll love this website, as much as I do-AND it's free!!!!
PS if you are impatient like me, it takes about 60 seconds to register and is really easy to use!!! Trust me, Tamma says, "If Rox can do it, anyone can!"
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