Thursday, August 15, 2013

Big and Little Beautiful

Hello again...
I'm so glad to hear from you again and glad you liked the last post. I'm feeling so much joy getting back into home & design. It is my big joy, along with cooking now!!!

Sidenote: What is up with me and comma's? I noticed my last entry had comma's all over the place and in all the wrong places! The comma key was broken (wink).

I didn't post very much this last year because I was more than knee deep in figuring out some minor (though sometimes they felt like major) health issues. My daughter has Hashimoto's disease, and I, hypothyroid. I mentioned I'd share some of the books, but for now Gwyneth Paltrow's two books from the last post should keep you busy. She gives a wealth of information between her recipes not one of which isn't amazingly delicious. (Yes, she has a sous chef, staff, and tons of money for the incredibly expensive ingredients, but I am still a huge fan and can tell where to skip...for example on the $55. honey) I studied like crazy to figure out some natural solutions...

We now eat only organically, though I will sneak a horrific diet coke now and then or a cup of coffee, but once I began reading about the ingredients and what the GMO's and hormones do to our bodies I decided to make the switch. After the first six months my dental hygienist said, "WHAT did you do?" (gasp, I thought I was in huge trouble) as I normally have to go in every 3 months for bad gums. She said my gums were now normal, so I was thrilled!  Really!!!

I share this because I am enjoying cooking like crazy! My kids don't complain anymore, maybe their pallets are mature now? My husband and I have a big garden and the veggies and herbs below are all home grown! I also share this because the direction I am going with my business (blog and life) is I guess what I have known all along...I thrive on living in positivity and beauty. I LOVE to concentrate on what is good, beautiful, lovely etc..(Phil 4:8, you know, my favorite). I discovered that while I am a realist, the life is sucked out of me by concentrating too much energy on well...the opposite...what needs "work". 

I love to be around people, places and things that find the GOOD, JOY and BLESSING in everything!  I am inspired by my friend LORI (joy and light even in cancer) for example, though thankfully now recovered...who was even joyful throughout that journey. I like/desire to call out the good in everything. I've realized THAT is who I am. (Perhaps it is because it is also easy for me to become negative if surrounded with negativity or pessimism or finding what doesn't work well, my weakness!!!)   I will be focusing now with my new business NAME on what is worthy of celebration...that is where I'm going. I'm so excited for you to join me. 

So, before I move on to all these future joys....celebrate with me this summer's precious memories! Write yours down too! Share them with us! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

As I mentioned before, but blogger ate this photo, this was right before I tumbled down the hill. :)

 My amazing cousin, like a bro, Dan!

 More dolphin pics...before we move on.
The kids were giggling and screaming. 
We were speechless. In my whole life I have never seen anything like it.

 The joy of listening to Justin play guitar is just the best.
Never tell him I said that! (wink)
Catherine dancing to Justin's music. Precious beyond words.

 I am in love with all things nautical, the line, the knots, the way the woodwork is done and cared for! Sanded, varnished, smooth and shiny. It so reminds me of my childhood aboard my grandpa's boat the Shawnee and our summers in Catalina. His big permanently black hands from silversmithing pulling up the chains to set sail, the smell of diesel, the rocking of the hull, washing dishes together...
Love, love, love!

 Baby Shoes!!!

 I absolutely loved the wall they made out of chicken wire and rocks. I took a ton of pictures of the beautiful simple solution.

 Isn't this close up of the white seaweed just gorgeous?
The shadows of the palm trees on the bocce ball court was so enchanting.
 Roasted beets are one of the pretties and most delicious veggies around! These were yellow and purple and I just wanted to make a pretty dish with lots of color!

 Isn't this lettuce just gorgeous? I love the color.
I love these onions. I picked them, washed them, then roasted them. Just beautiful, gorgeous nature.

 Catherine's blue eyes are almost piercing! 
The girls before dinner...
and another type of Paella...
Silhouette of the boys!

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