Saturday, December 22, 2012

Inspired to shine and be brilliant light, Ruthie Marek, Teri Sangster and Inspired News

What a perfect title for this blog~28 pictures of light and life, from top to bottom...below: Because the two friends who are the women who have created these beautiful homes are just examples of the light that shines through when Christ is at the center of your life, I am sharing their home, now and in our next book (yea). When you browse Ruthie Marek's home, then Teri Sangster's you will see so many touches that bring blessing upon those who enter. (I was the happy recipient of that blessing last week) Ruthie is amazing for a variety of reasons (and I am only a newer friend) but among other things she is doing this while doing chemotherapy. While cancer is no part of WHO she is, its all about WHOSE she is, it is part of her story. I'll share more on another blog entry all about her, but I wanted to get this blog out, as my Christmas preparations are well underway...
     Did I also mention they are doing a breakout on "the home" at our retreat?
     Next home is Teri's, beginning with the open bible, whose home is fresh white, warm antiques and filled up with stories of God's grace and provision for her and her family. Special side note is she has the same floor plan as my mom's late best friend Ginger, on the same street a few houses down! I love her ability to take what she calls her "rental/tract" house and makes a gorgeous home, welcoming, enveloping and that "thing" I always talk about that some homes that just "have" JOY that springs eternal! Also, known as Abiding Faith! Again, another whole blog entry, but this is a teaser!
     Lastly, our Inspired girls where light shines through them truly brilliantly...this was our prayer session on Friday for an hour and half where we prayed over our Inspired girls! Kenzie Mae is our darling 19 year old worship leader, and the other girls are our Inspired Girls, Kristen, Marta, their girls and some new fabulous early 20's girls, home from college! Julie is our newer PR girl and Kristen's darling daughter Kylie made these fabulous I made her :) pose with one!
    There are so many exciting new things going on with Inspired, Our first retreat Jan 18-20, our National Inspired Tour with Dannah Gresh's, and our first ciriculum and new book "Holy Hospitality/the working title" under construction, design and prayer!!!
    Holy Hospitality will be written by Hannah and Roxanne again, but will feature artwork from our moms and daughters, and the two homes featured below! I'm so excited, I'm over the moon.
    Our ciriculum will be written by Kristen Cummins MFC and her daughter and they are equally excited about the joy they are experiencing working together. Kristen brings a wealth of experience from not only her years working with kids in the inner city of New York, but her years of practice with teens and teaching scripture/bible locally. She is new to our Board of Directors and a huge piece of where inspired is going, along with darling Kylie. Kylie has a sweet and royal spirit that lights up a room when she enters. She, along with her mom, adds a large piece of the puzzle that the Lord has lined up with Inspired!

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