Monday, October 8, 2012

Bay Windows

I'm so excited to show you some progress pics on the charming little house. 

Today I'm going to focus on the bay windows because I looove bay windows, but also because sometimes something that is architecturally a little interesting becomes just stunning when you can accentuate the positive attributes of the house. Designers often call it "good bones",  I think I just call it potential. This home is just one of those homes! It needed some loving hands to focus on what was RIGHT with it! (I've recently discovered that is how I seem to tackle everything!)

You will see  several windows just begging for a window seat. You know the kind with a comfy cushion and pillows in some gorgeous fabric ready to spend the afternoon reading a good book? Start thinking...

A little farther down you'll see the beginnings of what is going to be a cozy nook for a twin bed. The room is technically too tiny to call a "room" however it is just perfect for some fabric swagged from the ceiling to have a tiny little fort room! So, if the hubbie snores, or a teenage wants to have some space, or a toddler needs a separate room this is perfect!

Here is the front bay window before, then mid way after...
I think it is the most fun to show progress along the way because it usually takes weeks, if not months, to do all the different trades then seeing the finished product. Thankfully this house had great windows and molding around the windows! The drapes were awful so they went into the trash. Already it looked 75% better. We will cut a square in the top of all the window seats so there will be storage in all the seats. The wainscoting is adding such charm as well. Today though, we can just talk window seats.

Here is the largest area for a window seat facing the back yard. All the contractors and the husband thought it way too large for a window seat. Since I am  pretty persuasive  I won that little battle and I think it really shrinks the space and makes it look  fabulous! 

Here is a little sneakity peak at the ceiling, which really made the house sing! No more popcorn ceilings. With a bit of shine on the ceiling you'll notice the reflection of light causes the space to look much larger yet still really cozy. I used a 6" molding which always causes the tradespeople to look at me like I'm crazy because the house is far from large scale.  It is what really frames a room and makes it outstanding. The cost difference is only cents, and the visual difference between large and small crown is crazy and to me, not even comparable...

Above is the twin bed nook, totally cozy. This will probably be my favorite room in the end, because of the fabric treatment I am envisioning here.

Here is the biggest shocker....before dark, tiny feeling and I think a little creepy looking!

Here it is after the wood work is begun! Can you believe the amazing difference? Just brighter and sunnier and even before the correct paint color is applied looks like a happy, sunshiny space where I would happily stay! The window seats are making these rooms exceptionally interesting, even more than I had envisioned. Once the gorgeous linen fabric is applied and pillows thrown on, it will be just delicious.
We just had the most amazing day yesterday with's Designed to be Beautiful....
Jennifer Strickland shared that what real beauty is is about what is in the heart and what makes you unique. The day was in the mountains of Somis and just a perfectly imperfect lovely day, full of beauty.
I thought this post would be perfect because there are so many parallel's between what God creates from his "raw" materials, or that with "potential". 

 We each have some outstanding parts (like the windows in this house) that should be accentuated and all the focus drawn towards by designing with a focus of these features. I don't believe that by emphasizing, discussing or pointing out flaws we ever do justice to anything. Not home, not people...actually in my world...absolutely nothing benefits by focusing on what ISN'T great. 

I love to go in to a home and IMAGINE how it will look when all that is right with "it" is highlighted and celebrated. It's always very clear what isn't right with a space: what needs to be emphasized and what needs to be well...not emphasized.  The funny thing is its the same about homes and people. I find I gravitate towards those that use the filter Phil 4:8, which is the founding verse for Inspired Design!

So I leave you with that:
 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

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Merrill Pride said...

Good thing you insisted on those window benches. I have those in my house too. I bet you are the type of person who loves to be by the window and stare outside. Me too. So, why not do it more comfortably right? By the window is where I like to sit, read, and take a nap. Merrill @

Keven Sumrell said...

Did it turn out just like how you envisioned it? It’s cozy to think of sitting on a bench by the window cocooned in a thick quilt and surrounded by a million pillows. I wish you finally have that comfort, now that the renovation is over. Keven @

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