Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Inspiring Magazines and Inspiring Friends old and new

Check out the latest  E Design Magazine:   House of Fifty Magazine It's inspiring!

Check out WHOA Magazine, a fabulous somewhat new magazine. A Christian Magazine filled with beautiful photographs, gorgeous layout and inspiring articles, at most Barnes & Noble.
I thought you might like to know...  Our mission is to INSPIRE teenage girls, mothers and others to find, follow and celebrate God's DESIGN for their lives AND use it to impact others.                  Through inspiring role models, Inspired31.org, conferences, seminars, books, and resources, we desire each woman to walk in her true identity, live with purpose, and experience the overwhelming love of her Designer.
Speaking of inspiring...
Where do you go to get inspiration?
Thankfully, I don't have to go far! 
Inspired (the entire entity) is made up of the most astounding women that I know. Some have been part of my life for almost 20 years, part, of my daughter's earliest playgroup. Some are new friends brought in by other friends, or simply by God's divine providence. 

I explain this because this has been one of the best months of my life! Strange how things work out sometime, seemingly filled with what might seem like disappointment.  My daughter has chosen to attend a wonderful highly rated Christian college that is excellent with a world view that we respect! She was thankfully accepted to highly rated UC schools, like San Diego and Davis! She is being honored Friday for National Honor Society. This is the celebratory part!   She was also rejected by my Alma Mater, and that of my father for undergrad and graduate school, USC: A legacy for our family of sorts.  While my family (not my UCLA husband, as much) reeled and grieved as my CIF pole-vaulting daughter, rather excellent academically, athletically and of amazing character was rejected, she was joyful!  (Since I am the mom I can say that right?) Forgive me if it sounds snotty!
Although I was certain what school she was choosing, I wanted her to have the choice to make herself!

During this time, I had several meetings for Inspired for our first ever mother daughter retreat. I could see Hannah's path revealed Majestically (capital M). The more I met with these divine connections the more I could see how God's hand was in where he was placing her, just as where he has placed me, more importantly with WHOM. Most important to me is their hearts for God, and those who need help for example: the orphans who benefit from Inspired.
Watch where all of this comes together:
My friend Laura, who is a helicopter crash survivor and inspiring with her program Artists for Trauma: See NBC Video, she is a miracle! Another friend, Marta, a Hollywood Producer & wife of awesome stunt man, on steering with her daughter & the Board of Directors is doing all of our short video's and making it possible that our programs can go all over  the world! My friend Camille, a marketing/connections/communications expert who has generously shared her friends with me, co-authoring our Blessing Tea Book with our daughters! Her friend (and my new one) Kristin teaching Song of Solomon to our mothers/daughters on our first ever "Garden Retreat" to experience the amazing and ravishing love of God for us, together with our daughters. My inspiringly sweet and kind friend Karen and her daughter Grace are part of steering and using Karen's gifts for Hospitality for the book, as her house is in it, and in Inspired31 as she is the new design girl for the gatherings! Her daughter is just an amazing light!
This is just the tip of the iceberg! After 4 years of prayer and building a foundation and structure for amazing women to show our teenagers how beautiful a life serving God can be! To take a word picture out of a prayer time with those above...
We are swinging our legs over and jumping into kingdom work with both feet!
Exceedingly, Abundantly we move forward!
Be blessed, beloved!!

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