Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inspired Update

Well, some of you have inquired if I am still here?
 Here is a little update! We travel to Chicago & Colorado Springs for the Harvest Show & Focus on the Family Meetings.
 My cup is overflowing with thankfulness, inspiration and joy as I look forward to the next week with my family as we travel, and tomorrow our first Father/Son/Mentor event for !

My dear friend/ Producer, Marta, and I just returned from CWIMA in Nashville where we joined my longtime friend and speaking partner, as of late, Lorianne! Inspired Design sponsored  gathering Click here to see 3min Clip of Inspired Story 

To say we were inspired by these ladies would be the greatest understatement of my life: truly.

Carol Swain, Author of Be The People, amazed and inspired us with The 7 Mantles of Cultural Influence from her book. We were riveted with the astounding truths she shared and were deeply called to action. She will be in California to speak soon: highly recommend hearing her or reading her new book.

Billy Graham's daughter Anne, Grammy winning artist, Sharon Skaags, Thelma Wells (My fave), author, and Kathleen Cooke, Producer led a panel of what media culture is on our society in general today: very dark.  They inspired us  to be the light! 

Kay Arthur amazed us (@ young age of 78) with  7 Insights for our culture. The best point: If WE don't step forward soon the America we knew will no longer exist.

Vonette Bright, Widow of Campus Crusade for Christ Co-Founder of, encouraged us with wise words: Women determine our culture: If we lose family, we will lose the nation.
I promise to give you more info. especially if you reply or comment you would like to hear more.

The other reason post have been more sparse can be seen in the pictures below:
My new niece, Catherine! (Beautiful)
Daughter & her beau, in dance performance
Tea with dear friends before Speaking engagement
Friendship Luncheon given to dear friends, by dear friend events: Dannah Gresh speaking on "Removing Mask of Perfection", and DeeDee Meyer on "Overcoming Anxiety"

Each one I may do a blog on as they were so life changing!
For now, May you be blessed, Beloved daughters of the King!

I have been so inspired lately with the first book of Jeremiah. Each of these women mentioned it...worth a read...interesting that it has been mentioned by all!

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