Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hospitality and Homemaking

Inspired31.org was amazingly inspiring with featured speaker Lorianne Merritt! Post is simply email feedback, a tea inspired by the table setting ideas (by Roxanne) and lastly the simple "recipe" I love to do when we have guest over unexpectedly for dessert!

Cassie and Grace giving the discussion questions, inspiring us with poise and stage presence.

Mothers, daughters and grandmothers, One special gal who drives over 2 hours to our events, from San Juan Capistrano, who hopes to begin a Chapter of Inspired31.org

" I was inspired by all of your beautiful hearts coming together in unity to bless moms and daughters both in deed and in the word! I so enjoyed the pictures of the lovely table presentations. And Lorrianne's love for God's word and applying it to all of our life story was truly inspiring! Well done!!!!" Teri Sangster

"Thanks for all the fun and food on Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the slideshow of tablescapes! Moments like those make me want to open up my home to others and bless them with a nice meal and fellowship. I'm looking forward to using some of these ideas along with my WHITE plates to be hospitable. Great job ladies." Melissa Smith

" I learned alot from the speakers (white plates, salad in glass bowls, bare tables with no table cloths, holiday seasonal color frames, different ways to position napkins in napkin holders, themed tables.... ). What was really helpful was that I don't need to offer something spectacular necessarily to have someone over to my home. Instead, to focus on what I can do and that there are plenty of options to make someone feel loved <3" Nicole Hiltebran

"I loved the event. Thank you for Inspiring me. Give me the scoop on the dough and chocolate chip dessert that you said is easy and impressive - Please:) Also, maybe Lorraine could share all the scripture from her notes. We could load it up on the web site"....Kim Barkis (recipe below, scripture to follow)

"My friend diane asked if u could put the food jar names on ur blog, for her table". (The idea of the jars that once empty are a fabulous shape and texture for a vase (the cocktail sauce my friend Sharyl buys). Once a few are collected they are gorgeous as centerpieces....) I will post those jar's soon! (I have to go to the market tomorrow to get them so I can show "before and after')

This table was set by Joy (our scone lady) the next day for a few of us for tea! She was so sweet to incorporate a few things, she says she was inspired by at the slide show! (flowers in individual vases, votive candles, a table bare without a tablecloth and place cards/napkin rings) Great job Joy! All were blessed-even those who couldn't join in :)

Here is the chocolate/pastry dessert, prepared in the airstream (not gulfstream!) by Hannah!

Gorgeous, yummy and so easy! Take pastry dough and place some chocolate chips in it!

Pull up the four corners like you are making a little "bag" of chocolate chips, and pinch in at where the imaginary bow might be tied if it actually were a bag. Bake according to the package of pastry dough...about 15 min.... Sprinkle with powdered sugar OR you can prepare the plate with a puddle of unwhipped whipped cream and swirl some hershey's syrup around then place the pastry in the middle with a few drizzles of hershey's syrup! If served plain sprinkle sugar before baking.

With the state of our world today, is it frivolous to talk about designing & decorating our homes? Unequivocably, No! Our world today is filled with great uncertainty, poverty, sadness & sickness, but in encouraging one another to do good, conversations begin and so many of these begin in the home. Do not underestimate the power of your home, and the ability to change lives. Do not underestimate the power of one tiny seemingly insignificant act of kindness. You never know how a life could be changed by one small thoughtful gesture.Just as a smile is a sign of graciousness to another human being, a cup of hot tea in a cozy nook listening to a friend can be life-altering.~ From Inspired Design, the hospitality book.

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